Day 245 – Thankful for an Excellent End of the Long Weekend at Home

I am thankful for days like today.  The days when I struggle to find one thing to find one thing to be grateful for due to the many choices I have.  When I sum it all up, today was an excellent end of the long weekend at home.

Here’s some of the highlights from today:

  • 8:15am yoga with Becky to kick things off
  • Got an Early Father’s Day present – an oscillating spindle sander
  • My wallet and phone were still on the cart in the Menards parking lot about 15 minutes after I forgot them there
  • Cut out my first cobra bandsaw box (with minimal swearing)
  • Went for a walk with the family
  • Talked about our next vacation plans while on the walk
  • Helped Dominic finish his workbench
  • IMG_8887
  • Finished the last few items from my To Do list for the weekend
  • Enjoyed watching The Matrix with my boys

It was about the perfect end to a long weekend at home!



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