Day 244 – Thankful for a Quiet Sunday at Home

It’s not often that we have a Sunday in which all of us are home, there’s no agenda, and there’s just chillin’ on tap.  Even though it was a very productive day it was totally relaxing.  The things I wanted to do I did, and it felt great.  LuLu’s smile below pretty much sums up the day!

One of the highlights was having time to work with both the boys in the workshop.  Gavin made a bench for his workbench and Dominic cut all the lumber for his workbench.  It was awesome, Dominic was measuring and cutting his own wood, no help from Dad needed – how cool is that?

And moments like that are why I’m thankful for a quiet day at home.  It was awesome to not be rushing or hustling to get stuff done because we don’t have any other time.  We were able to enjoy time as a family, and alone, doing exactly what we wanted.


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