Day 195 – Thankful for Not Randomly Filling Time

I sometimes catch myself in those moments when I’m not doing anything productive.  I’ve kind of just drifted off and found a way to fill my time.  No purpose, motivation, or focus, just some mindless way to waste time.  It happens so quickly and easily, it usually takes me a while to notice and get myself back on track.

Earlier today I almost had one of those moments.  My lunch eaten I was online reading the news and I noticed what was happening.  I quickly pulled out my planning guide for the week and got myself on to task.  After a brief review I then spent the next 10 minutes or so focused on something that I had intended to get done this week.  It felt great!  One less thing that needs to get done, something that wasn’t super involved but easy to put off, done.


It wasn’t the most exciting thing ever but it was something that needed to be done.  Instead of drifting off into mindlessness I was able to realize that I was slipping, got back on track, and made something happen.  While I will continue to work on this to the point when it is my natural reaction today I am very thankful for not randomly filling my time.



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