Day 194 – Thankful for a Fulfilling Weekend

Most of our weekends are a mash of craziness, busy-ness, rushing all over, and everything in between.  While this weekend was not that different, it was great to have a wonderful mix of “alone time” with each of my family and a little much needed actual alone time.

Becky and I got our early morning run in on Saturday.  Dominic and I worked together on cleaning up the soccer fields.  Gavin and I were spending time alone in my workshop.  I had a few hours of creating up in my workshop all alone.  We had several meals as a family out on the deck.  The boys and I had fun playing at the park.  To wrap it up Becky and had a little more alone time as we went for a walk while the boys finished up a movie.



All in all the weekend was exactly what my soul needed.  Not that I was getting stressed or anything, but I can tell that I was getting a little too tightly wound by the chaos of life.  Taking time this weekend with each family member and myself was fantastic, and I’m ready to go for this next week!



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