Day 191 – Thankful for Listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Autobiography

Most days if you were to check on what I was listening to while I drive you’d hear one of several great books on leadership, business, strategy, behavioral economics, or some great 90’s grunge.  Taking a brief break from more serious stuff I opted to pick up Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, Born to Run.


Sadly, I let about three decades of my life slip away before getting hooked on Bruce’s music.  If you haven’t ever given it a good listen I’d encourage you to give his Darkness on the Edge of Town album a spin…  You might find that little something you’ve been looking for in your music.  Once it gets in your bones, it just sticks and you can’t get enough of it.

Listening to Bruce read his own life story has been nothing short of mind blowing for me.  While I was intending to get in a more entertaining and relaxing book it’s been a surprise with nuggets of great wisdom in almost every chapter.  There was learning to see that I’m not nuts when I sometimes have the voice in my head that tells me I’m not doing a good job in the middle of a presentation.  The grit that he had in order to create what he wanted to create was unbelievable.  His willingness to be left open and vulnerable in admitting to mistakes he made was enlightening.  The passion that he exudes for his craft is very motivating.  Hearing the imperfection of his life, the way he worked hard to raise himself up, his commitment to excellence, the rigor of his practice, the sacrifices made…  It all adds another level of depth to his songs and pushes me to be better than I am.  As he puts it, he doesn’t have much for natural talent, he’s had to bust his ass to become the success he is.  While I may have been opting for a relaxing book I’ve instead found one that is getting me even more fired up!

While it’s not my normal read, I’m very thankful for having picked this book up.  My appreciation for his music continues to increase and his passion for excellence has helped stoke a fire in me.



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