Day 190 – Thankful for Holding the Line

While I’d really prefer not to get into too much on this one for the sake of professionalism, I am thankful for the times when I need to hold a hard line and I do.

Today one of my teams and I were tested with this.  We had reviewed a situation, went back to our vision and values, and made a decision on a specific course of action.  We knew it wasn’t going to be liked or easily accepted, but it was the right decision.  As we met with our client it went exactly as we expected.  Our client was not happy and may decide to use a competitor instead.  That said, I am thankful that we held the line.


It’s often easy to succumb to emotion in the moment when pushing for something.  It’s difficult to stick to my guns and always want to find a way to get the “AND,” but sometimes, there’s not an “AND” to be found.  In those cases we need to stand firm.  Today I was tested and I held the line… and I am thankful for that.



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