Day 183 – Thankful for Running While the Running Was Good

Last night I mentioned to Becky that with the boys going to church tonight she and I could get our run in tonight instead of early in the morning.  My thought was that sleeping in sounded GLORIOUS!  Her response was a quick no, she had some errands that she had to run tonight.

This morning the alarm went off and we headed out for an early morning run.  While the extra sleep would have been nice it did feel amazing to get the run in to start the day.  This probably sounds crazy, but this is one of my favorite views while running early…


Yup, it was quiet, dark, and peaceful.  Very relaxing and calming to kick off the busy day ahead.

As I got into my car to head home after work today I just paused and soaked in the cold, wet, gray sky.  It was chilly and not great running weather.  Had we waited to run until tonight…  Yuck!!!

Today I’m thankful for running while the running was good.  I have a tendency to overthink  and over-strategize things and this was one of those cases.  When the weather is ripe for running I need to remember to take advantage of it and get moving.


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