Day 182 – Thankful for the Merging of Several Different Concepts into One Unified Whole

Isn’t it funny how somedays you get bombarded with many different thoughts and life lessons?  Little moments of insight.  Wonderful nuggets of learning.  Great advice.  A vision of an example that sets the stage for your dream.  A question asked a week ago that continues to ring in your brain.  An explanation of someone else’s view of you that sheds light on you in a slightly different way.  Today there were many of these little moments and I’ve been able to take some time to let them sink in a bit.

Without getting into too much detail I was able to receive so many of those awesome little insights, lessons, questions, and concepts today.  They came at me from many different angles including the following:

I know, I probably shouldn’t have a winter pic in there, but it was one of the better recent family pics 🙂

Between a question asked by a good friend last week, some great advice from another friend last week, the Bruce Springsteen autobiography, a conversation with my business partners, and some brief but enlightening family time there were several things that kept reverberating through my brain.  It wasn’t until yoga tonight that there was that flash of insight that really blended it all into one unified concept…

Root Down

Nick, our instructor tonight was wearing a T shirt with 4 very simple words on it…  Life is an Attitude.  As he explained the reason for the shirt it hit me that there was what I was soaking up from my other conversations and insights today.  Life is an attitude, and I am free to choose the attitude and life I want to live.  What a great reminder to wrap up my day!



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