LOL – I could even type today’s gratitude without chuckling!  I’m not sure, but I think they may have spent too much time with Steve at one point or another!  Yes, today was filled with lots of creating and it was AWESOME!!!

After driving back fro Becky’s parents’ house we jumped right into PWD (Pinewood Derby) Mode.  Every year I do less and less and the boys do more and more.  This year the only thing I did was help a very little bit with cutting out the car and I added the weight (pretty sure Becky wouldn’t say yes to letting them work with lead).  Everything else was all Gavin and it was great to see him really get into it as did Dominic (making a car for fun).  The boys looked kind of like coal miners due to the graphite, but they were all smiles.

After a handful of test runs we went back home and moved on…  Dominic had Boy Scouts so it was just Gavin and I.  After a little bit of thinking he decided that he wanted to make a table so he could eat supper in the treehouse.  Why not?  It was pretty cool to have an excuse to help him get practice in how to build a table with support, how to use a drill correctly, how using a table saw fence makes it easier to make straight lines, and some good old fashioned measuring.  It turned out to be very solid and he was able to have it done in time for he and Dominic to have supper on it up in the treehouse.


After dinner the boys decided they weren’t done creating yet…  It was time to create defenses in case of the zombie apocalypse!  Using their imagination, some tools, scrap wood and pocket knives they went to town as I finished up a puzzle box.  Gavin created a pretty awesome slingshot and was starting on a battle axe that well finish later in the week using the band saw.  Dominic opted for a sword that ended up looking pretty cool.  It was made even more realistic looking by adding the little bit of blood from a mistaken cut that took more of his finger than of the sword.  He took it like a champ, we got it bandaged up, and he was back at it.



In spite of the injury they still had fun and worked on it until we called them in because it was getting dark out.  I am so grateful that they have the same spark for creating.  It would have been very easy for me to try to get some other things done that I wanted to get done instead of helping them out, but I would have regretted it.  With making stuff like this with them now I can’t wait to see what kinds of crazy stuff we’re making together in a year or two!!!  (pumpkin catapults and potato guns…  just sayin’…)




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