Day 163 – Thankful for My Band Saw

There was so much to be thankful for that I had my blog mentally written and re-written several times.  From an awesome compliment to celebrating success with a team to spending development time with an incredible team member to enjoying time with my team it was fantastic!  As I wrap up the night there was one thing that tied together some of the things I am most grateful for today…  my band saw!


Earlier today the first puzzle box I’ve ever finished was delivered as a gift to a friend and their response was AWESOME!!!  It was so cool to see that something I created using my band saw over several hours brought happiness.

This evening was a whirlwind of activity as it was our Cub Scout den meeting at our house tonight.  As opposed to doing it to at the school like normal we met at the house so we could help the boys cut their pinewood derby cars.  It was a pretty cool opportunity to have parents working with kids, teaching them some basics of physics, letting them use power tools, and learn how much fun it is to create something.  While there was a lot of energy packed into our sun room it was all worthwhile to know that the boys had an experience outside of the norm…  and they were never on a screen once 🙂  Without my bandsaw this opportunity wouldn’t have happened today.

As I tucked Gavin into bed I asked him what his favorite part of the meeting.  His first response was learning to use the band saw and being able to use it to cut all by himself.  Dominic had earlier hugged me and thanked me for letting him use the band saw and for showing him how to operate the new band saw.  They both enjoyed it and I have a hunch that they’ll be jumping in on more projects with me in the near future.  How cool of a moment is that?  I still remember working with my dad on my first pinewood derby car a few decades ago and was reminded of that moment.  Thanks band saw for some serious smiles!

While it is just a thing to me it is something much greater.  It’s a tool to create happiness, for me and for others.  It’s a learning opportunity, both in woodworking skills and in life skills (especially growth mindset and patience!).  It’s a way to create moments and memories.  Sure, it’s just a hunk of metal, but to me it is so much more and I was reminded of that tonight…  and for that I am grateful!



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