Day 134 – Thankful for 500 Crazy Days of Thanks

While today is only Day #134 of this blog it marks the 500th Day of being thankful each day.  Holy crap!!!  500 days in a row of doing something, that doesn’t happen very often!

Today was pretty much a great microcosm of why I do this blog.  It was filled with many little moments and events for which I am thankful.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Becky’s intensely happy mood in the morning
  • Being able to get the boys on the bus and get to work on time
  • Demonstrating a sales call for a new teammate
  • Meeting with a client over a delicious cup of coffee
  • Taking time to think
  • Getting some incredibly insightful feedback from a team member
  • Receiving some very awesome praise fro another team member
  • Hearing some of the backstory of one of my teammates
  • Seeing several emails in my inbox from teammates praising other teammates
  • Great training that is helping me with a tough conversation
  • Having the $10 extra bucks to be able to impulse buy a lava lamp for Gavin
  • Preparing for the scout meeting in advance
  • Becky gently reminding me several times to prep for the scout meeting in advance
  • Being able to help Dominic learn how to make a tough decision (ask Becky for advice)

And then to wrap up the night (at least until this point, there’s still a good hour until bed) I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to lead Gavin’s scout meeting.  The boys were full of crazy energy as always and it was awesome.  While I had a beer at home to relax afterwards, it is so awesome that I’m able to help the boys out and create a memory for them.  One of the things I love the most is being able to create something and there’s nothing better to pull together out of the aether than a memory.  Tonight we made a tornado in a bottle, Alka Seltzer lava lamps, and glittery slime.  The boys were smiling and it was AWESOME!!!


Day 500 was a fantastic day!  The funny thing is that now that I take the time to think about what I am thankful for it seems that the fantastic days have grown exponentially and the crappy days are few and far between…  And even they have their silver lining if only I take the time to look.  500 days is a long time, and it’s also a great first step!  Here’s to the next 5,000 days of gratitude!!!



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