Day 133 – Thankful for Sounding Boards

When I take time to think it is sometimes amazing to see just where my thoughts will take me.  Once in a while my brain somehow makes a beeline to the right answer and life is awesome!  Most often my thoughts come dressed as Indiana Jones, ready to stumble through the jungle in search of a golden idea, narrowly avoiding traps and having a grand adventure that ends in treasure.  Other times my thoughts are more like a long tangled extension cord that keeps wrapping up upon itself and turns into a vicious cycle of frustration in which I finally give up and throw it in the corner knowing that’ll I’ll have to untangle it someday… just not today.

Today I was in the early stages of fighting an extension cord of thoughts.  Once I realized what I was in for I threw it aside and moved on.  During a coaching call with a friend I had the urge to throw it out there and see if he could help me unwind it.  There were many great questions asked and an idea or two thrown out that started to point me in the right direction…  talk with a sounding board who knows me very well, someone who can listen and help me unravel it.  And that’s exactly what I did.

Later in the afternoon I called on of the best professional sounding boards I’ve ever met.  Listening intently and asking pointed questions they helped me lead myself through the clutter to see the issue more clearly.  After looking at it a little differently I was able to piece together how this was meant to be wound.  I thanked them for their help and then started to wind the thoughts back up into a more structured concept.

Today I’m thankful for the sounding boards that are all around me.  They help me through the chaos and have an excellent balance of listening, asking, and sharing that help to keep me sane and on the right path.  Thank you to each of you, you’re appreciated greatly!!!



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