Day 127 – Thankful for Lessons From Vacations

There are many reasons I love going on vacation.  One of the biggest is that with the stresses of daily life removed things seem to be just a little more clear and visible.  There are these little lessons that can be picked up as my mind relaxes and I can just think, not think about responsibilities.  Inevitably as my brain starts to pick up on these obvious yet thinly hidden themes I start to weave them into lessons that I can remember.  It is in these moments I can see how a specific event, activity, or view holds a lesson for me to remember and hold on to for the rest of my days.

One of the examples that first that comes to mind is playing poker in Vegas for Steve’s birthday and learning about how important coaching is, the value of friends helping you through things, the power of patience, the reward for confidence, reminders of the sunk cost fallacy, and the power of logic over emotion.  There were so many lessons learned over the span of a few hours that it was well worth the $93…  I’m pretty sure there’s a future blog on this one.  😉

Other examples include the impact of being over committed, taking time to remember to look for what I should be looking for (a post from last year), and the inner peace that can be found sitting by oneself listening to the sounds of the ocean or Lake Superior.  Each of these hold a special place in my heart and remind me both of the vacation and what was learned.

The reason I’m thankful for this seemingly random concept today is because I used one of these lessons for an upcoming training.  The vacation lesson that I was thinking back to was the incredible difference in customer service level between Disney World and Lego Land.  Lego Land was pretty cool, but after spending almost a week at Disney it wasn’t even close!  Some of the differences were huge, like the difference in AT-ATs…

Other differences were a little more subtle.  Take a look at the family pics below…  Notice anything?

Yup, Disney had cast members everywhere to take pictures and Lego Land had none of that.  Even if the employees would have asked we probably would’ve said no…  they were almost like upper class carnies 🙂

Anyways, as I was getting that example put together it also gave me a moment to pause and remember the vacation and re-live all the fun we had.  As I share it in training it will be great to share, I’m sure it will spark several other experiences that others have had and will help prove the point.

Vacations are one of the cornerstones that Becky and I have built our family around, it’s pretty awesome when I’m able to use the experiences to not only relax and experience the world, but they also help me put the world in perspective and give me stories and examples to share with others.



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