Day 126 – Thankful for a Day Full of Simple Joys

So many awesome little things today, and each of them brought a bit joy to my life!

From an excellent tasting smoothie to a great example of team work.  A couple of well timed coaching conversations and jokes with old friends.   Connecting with long time friends.  Sharing in the celebration of a hard fought team success.  Knocking off almost everything on my task list.  Hearing the excitement of a teammate.  Being able to help mentor and grow with teammates.  Fun conversation with my team.  

But it wasn’t all work related, there was also an AWESOME cup of Extra Dirty Chai (Chai latte with two shots of Espresso!!!).  A great home cooked meal with the family.  A family night of log rolling.  There was a well timed accidental double entendre joke about logs from a friend.  There were a couple of epic fails with a smile.  

To wrap it up, there was even an incredible race home against our long rolling friends…  even if they didn’t know it was a race!  Becky had nerves of steel and left them in a trail of snow while the boys and I giggled and egged Becky on (& the other family probably had no idea we were racing 😄).

Now I get to type my blog, take a few moments of quiet to myself to relax, and the snuggle up with Becky.

There wasn’t anything particularly Earth shattering, but there were a lot of very awesome little joys that all added up to one hell of a great day!  Thank you to everyone that contributed to it, I appreciate each of you!!!



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