Day 121 – Thankful for My Left Eye

Earlier this afternoon my left eye started to burn a little bit.  It was the second time in  a week that I felt the old familiar sting.  As the afternoon continued, so did the slight tingling.  Once I got home it started to flare up even more.  It wasn’t until the main event of Yoga Date Night that it finally subsided.  While it never really hurt it was mildly annoying.  Regardless, I am very thankful for my left eye today


So what gives, why am I thankful for a burning tingly left eye?  It’s my early warning system, my Check Engine light.  When my stress level goes up a little higher than normal for an extended period of time my left eye starts to flare up.  It starts as itchy, tingly and burning, but if I don’t take a deep breath soon it fires up into a full blown eye infection that requires a couple of doc appts and a couple of weeks with glasses and no contacts.

The past couple of weeks have been jam packed, definitely not all bad or stressful, but it’s been pretty much non-stop.  There’s a handful of projects piling up that I need to take care of and a couple of other things adding some extra challenges to my plate.  Fortunately, it’s all in the short term and as of next week I have some slack time built in to get caught up on my projects.  This weekend has some things to get done, but nothing too crazy.  Slow it down for the weekend, hit the projects hard next week, and I’m right back on track.  I’ve got the game plan all laid out and ready to roll, life is good.  By tomorrow morning when I wake up my eye will be back to normal…  as long as I remember to keep a little slack in my schedule.

One of my mentors, some crazy long haired dude who is often found in cargo shorts on a beach in Belize, taught me a while back that it was important to build some extra time into my schedule and not jam up every free moment with stuff.  While I normally remember and respect that lesson, I’m thankful that my left eye reminds me of it when I try to forget it.  Without that tingling eye I’d probably end up burying myself too deep and get off balance.  Thanks Left Eye!


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