Day 107 – Thankful for Dream Fuel

Ahh…  the red circle of carpet that will one day be mine…

Tonight Becky and I went on a date to see the TEDx Zumbro River Pitch Night in Rochester.  The event allowed 24 local speakers three minutes to pitch the idea of their TEDx Talk, with the one or two getting the most votes moving on to the actual event in May.

One day I will present at TED, but today was not the day.  Taking my failure as an opportunity to learn I went as a student and took notes on what the speakers did well and what I could do differently to be more effective.  Growth mindset kept me focused on finding ways to improve as opposed to getting frustrated.

In the long run I’m glad I had a chance to see what the event looked like, that’ll help me get my mind right when I get my talk polished enough to present. 

I may not have been presenting, but I’m pretty fired up and ready to go as this was the dream fuel I needed!



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