As has been the norm for the past few Christmases, the boys had a lot of fun being pulled on sleds behind a four wheeler and a mule today.  I didn’t do nearly as well taking pictures as I have in the past, but this one from 3 years ago gives you the general idea.

This year the boys had fun as always!  For a while Tyler (Rachel’s boyfriend) and I manned the mule and were pulling Gavin and Nicholas. They would each start on one sled and then either try to knock each other off or try to get on the other’s sled.  It was a riot to watch them try to do that while we were swerving the mule all over trying do add to the difficulty.  Here’s an example of what it looked like:

After a while (& getting stuck a few times) Tyler and I tagged in and took the boys on.  It was awesome!  It was a non-stop exciting time as we dumped each other, tossed each other off of the sleds, and had the occasional snowball fight.  There were facewashes, snowballs, tripping, tackling, trash talking, and all the fun you’d expect from great time like that.

While I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun celebrating Christmas later tonight, I’m very thankful for the couple of hours we had outside enjoying the snow and having a blast!


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