I have to admit that when I first looked outside this morning my first thought was “oh great, Mother Nature threw up in our yard.”  Seeing the layer of white stuff was not what I wanted to see right away.

Fortunately for me and my attitude we had decided to get our Christmas tree today.  For the past several years we’ve gone to a tree farm in Mindoro to cut down our tree.  In past years we’ve had everything from no snow to piles of snow, nice and warm down to bitterly cold and freezing.  This was the first time that we happened to get our tree during the first snowfall of the year.  It was incredible to meld two awesome moments into one day!


Between much debate over which tree was best, snowball fights, letting the boys help cut down the tree for the first time, more snowball fights, the smell of fresh cut pine, and more snowball fights, it was a pretty awesome time.

As an added little bonus the Campbell Fire Department was helping Santa out today and was pulling his sled throughout the neighborhood today.  Gavin was pretty jacked for this and pretty much jumped out of his skin when he saw the firetrucks coming down our street.


After forgetting to say “thank you” to Santa, Gavin turned back and ran over to the sled.  “Thanks for being an awesome man!” was how Gavin expressed his gratitude, and it put a huge smile on my face.

While the rest of the day included many other Christmas related things (like watching Elf), getting our tree in the first snow of the year with my family was definitely one of the biggest highlights.



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