Day 65 – Thankful for the Universe Conspiring to Help Me

“When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”  Paulo Coelho

Isn’t it funny how life works sometimes?  It seems as if when I take some time to think about what I really want in life things start to change a little.  There are these little nudges all around me that seem to either help push me towards my goals or remind me of the dream and start the process of getting it to bubble back up to the forefront of my thought process.  When I haven’t spent time thinking about my dreams, goals, and ideas these little nudges fade away.  If I’ve spent time thinking about them, writing them out, and talking about them with other people they come back in full force and help keep me motivated.

Today was one of the days where the little nudges were everywhere…  I just needed to stop and listen to them occasionally.

  • There’s a possible opportunity to go on a dream vacation sooner than expected, and possibly not have to pay a dime for it!  It will probably be tough as hell to do, but the opportunity may be there.
  • A couple of days ago there was a cool article on Facebook about a couple traveling to all the National Parks in a year.  Then today Becky opens up the envelope from our insurance agent and there’s a calendar of National Parks inside!  A great reminder for me of all the places Becky and I need to get to (18 down, 41 to go!).
  • A potentially difficult situation appeared at work and I almost handled it the same way I normally would.  Before I took action I happened to read an email from my Leadership Academy cohort and it reminded me of a professional goal I was working on.  I paused, thought about how the Mike who was living into his goal would react, sought out advice from a great coach, and made a much better decision.
  • And several other little experiences and reminders throughout the day…

I’m not going to lie, maybe it’s just me tricking my brain out into seeing things and patterns that aren’t there, but I’m happy, focused, and working towards my dreams.  Instead of thinking about it too much I’m just going to roll with it…  Kind of like at yoga tonight when there were a couple of points when I got into an awesome state of flow for a second or two, then realized that I was in flow, thought about how cool that it was, and then I was out of it and thinking too hard.  I’ve got to relax and go with it and not overthink it.





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