Day 64 – Thankful for November Rain

There’s a few levels to this one, bear with me and I hope you stick it out all the way through.  November rain has a handful of meanings to me and as you’ll quickly see they range from very light hearted to happy memories to deep feelings of loss.


November rain makes me think of how happy I am to be able to still run outside this late in the year!  If it is raining in November I’m probably still running outside, there’s no snow or ice, and I am a very happy runner.  While the damp can make it feel much colder I’ll gladly take that over high stepping it through the snow.

A few nights ago Becky fired up a song that had been bouncing in my head earlier in the month…  November Rain by Guns N Roses.  It was great, she fired up the music video on the TV and we chilled while watching it.  That song always reminds me of hanging out with my Aunt Diane at my Grandparents house watching MTV and hoping for the video that has “the crazy guy jumping through the wedding cake.”  When the first piano notes play I’m instantly teleported to the thick brown carpet of their living room (probably laying on several of the Nerds candy pieces that Nick and I had ground so deep into the carpet that even my grandma’s twice a day vacuuming couldn’t pull them out).  If you’re now jones-ing for that video you can check it out here.

That song and video start to pull me towards the other feeling I get from rain in November…  a sense of loss.  As we watched the video on the couch it turned out that was the first time that she had ever watched the video.  After the wedding scene transitioned from rain to a funeral Becky was thrown for a loop.  “She died???”  The music changes from a slow but slightly uplifting tune to a dark and brooding sound that makes me picture loss.

For some reason rain in November, especially at night, leaves me feeling loss.  The cold, the dark, the ending of the year, and the damp just chill me to my bones and leave me seeing visions of funerals.  I don’t know a better way to put it, it feels like loss.  Not in a totally depressing way, we need the dark to remind us to appreciate the light.  Sometimes just picturing flashes of loss remind me to take stock of all that I have in my life, all those I love, and all that I am thankful for.  Nothing gold ever stays…  cold November rain reminds me of that fact.

So whether you can connect with what I am saying on all or one or two of the things that November rain make me think of, I hope that you take a moment tonight to appreciate a rare moment and just feel.



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