Day 62 – Thankful for Christmas Lights

Pulling into the driveway tonight I couldn’t help but smile as I saw the Christmas lights on our house.  There’s just something awesome and Christmas-ish about seeing the multicolored lights twinkling on the house.  And to think that I almost skipped them this year.

Becky had asked me a week or so ago when I was going to put the lights up and I just groaned.  Knowing the projects I already had on my plate it seemed like something that would get in my way.  Yeah, it’s always fun seeing them and picking them out, but there’s usually a handful of moments of stress and frustration.  And then there’s the taking them down, it can be a pain, especially in the cold.  So channeling my inner Grinch I said “I’ll only put them up if the boys ask, and I’m not going to remind them.”

Thinking I was in the clear, yesterday Dominic uttered the words I had been dreading…  “When are we putting up the Christmas lights?”  ARGH!!!  “Today Bud, let’s do it today.”  I groaned and loaded up the boys to make a trip to Menards to pick up some new lights to freshen things up a bit from last year.  Our neighbor Fred had put in a new projector style light that looks pretty cool so the boys and I decided to get one of those…  or maybe three. 🙂

Next thing I knew I was having a lot of fun picking out lights with the boys!  We went home and started putting the lights up and we had more fun.  I decided that putting the projectors in the ground wasn’t quite good enough so I built a box on a three foot stake for one and a stake and platform for another.  Dominic decided that we still needed to use some of our old lights so he did his best impression of Russ Griswald to my Clark.  He was up on the ladder and hanging lights while I figured out how to get power to the lights for him.

Realizing that we were missing some supplies (green and white paint to decorate the boxes, wire ties, and an adapter to cheat power to the third projector on the roof from lights Dominic hung) so Dominic and I headed to Menards again (any good project requires at least two or three trips to be completed, right?)  We finished things up with the new supplies and were in business.


After it was all said and done I had spent a pretty good chunk of the day working on our lights.  The thing that I was hoping to skip had left me feeling good and smiling.  I had a lot of fun with the boys, especially Dominic.  It was cool seeing how much fun he was having with this and I’m pretty sure that I have a partner in crime for years to come!  Kind of funny how sometimes there’s things that I don’t get fired up about for some reason, but once I get started it brings me great joy.  Every time I see our lights this year I’ll remember to keep an eye out for opportunities like this.


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