Day 60 – Thankful for a Very Calm and Relaxed Day

Ahh…  life is pretty awesome!

Ever since yoga on Wednesday I’ve continued to dive deeer and deeper into a beautiful state of calm.  Outside of a couple of hairy construction moments my blood pressure has been pretty low.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this chill while not on vacation for a long time!

As I try to figure out how I’ve gotten here and how to stay here I’ve done the mental check and I’ve been able to spend time with my favorite people: Becky, Dominic, Gavin, Mom (over the phone, but that counts), Dad, and ME!  It’s been a great mix of time with loved ones and time alone.  I’ve had time to think about work, I’ve had time to work with my hands.  I’ve worked on things that need to be done (tile), and I’ve worked on things that aren’t due for a long time (Cub Scouts boxes).  I’ve had a little down time to watch a movie and I’ve had time to be productive.  It’s been a pretty awesome few days.

So as we just about have a very late dinner (we hit Rotary lights after church tonight), tonight looks to me more of the same…  chillin’.  Life is pretty awesome right now and I am appreciative for that.


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