Day 58 – Thankul for a Chill and Calm Day

This year’s Thanksgiving was pretty different than the ones I’m used to.  Instead of spending time at home with the family or heading out of town I stayed here.  Becky and I had a great morning of sleeping in, grabbing coffee, going for a walk and just chilling until she left for her parents’ house.

After Becky took off I got to work on the bathroom floor.  As I was tearing the flooring up it went pretty well.  There was only a couple of times when I got frustrated, and they really weren’t that bad.  While I wish I would’ve gotten a little further I’m pretty happy with the progress.

In between working and now chilling on the couch I’ve had the chance to FaceTime the boys, Becky, and her family, text my brother, and talk with both my mom and my dad.  I may be home alone, but I’ve had a great day and time with my loved ones.

While untraditional, this is pretty much the day I needed.  A chance to unwind, be productive, and still have time with family.  It was a great calm and chill day…  and for that I am grateful!


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