Day 56 – Thankful for the Little Reminders that the Boys Love Me

Becky took the boys up north to hunt with their grandpa and cousins for the next few days.  On the way up I was on the phone with Becky and she filled me in that Gavin left a present for me on the kitchen table.  

When I got home this is what I saw on the table:

Turns out that in school today they made these turkeys to put on their Thanksgiving table.  Becky told Gavin that we could take it up to her parents’ house for Thanksgiving, but Gavin decided that he wanted to leave it here for me because I’ll be home alone for Thanksgiving night.  

While Becky and the boys will be up north for Thanksgiving I’m staying home to work on re-doing our bathroom floor and my dad is coming down to help Friday morning.  Becky isn’t heading up until after lunch on Thursday, so I’ll only be alone for less than 24 hours.  That being said, Gavin was still nervous about me being alone so he wanted to make sure I had company.  (Thanks again for the offer to head to your house Kathy!)

Sometimes the little guy drives me nuts and makes me think that he only things of himself, but there are times and little moments like this when I can clearly see how much he loves and cares about me…  and that puts a smile on my face.


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