Day 18 – Thankful for LuLu Poopball

Over the past couple of days Facebook has done a great job of reminding me that it was almost exactly four years ago that we adopted LuLu.  Two days ago it was a picture of Becky with Sky and LuLu the day we got her.  Yesterday it was a picture of the road trip I took to the south side of La Crosse to buy gloves for dodgeball.  The girls loved the ride and were snuggling in the backseat by the time we got home.  Today’s picture memory was from LuLu’s first ride on the boat.  She was nervous, but still smiling.

A little over four years ago Becky told me about a dog she had heard about on the radio that was looking for a home.  The dog had been found abandoned on a golf course, obviously starving, and recently had a litter of pups.  Becky showed me a picture of her as soon as I got home and when we saw how much they looked alike we knew what we had to do.  Skywalker was crazy energetic and we knew she’d love to have another friend in the house.  Next thing we knew we were in contact with Amber (which, on a side note, led us to a friendship with of our Ragnar buddies, Adam!) and we were set up with a time to introduce Skywalker to LuLu.  They got along great, even though I was a little weirded out by LuLu humping Sky, I’d never seen a female dog do that before!

While Sky and LuLu hit it off right away we definitely had struggles with LuLu early on.  She knew we were her new family and she was (& still is) very protective of us.  We kept working with her and training her to calm down, not be too nervous, and to relax when new people came into our house.  There were times when we were tempted to give up on her, but she was family and we knew we had to work it out with her.  She just needed a lot of love and we were able to give it to her.
We’re not sure what LuLu saw before we got her, but we’re pretty sure she must’ve seen physical abuse.  When the boys and I would wrestle she’d grab my hands with her mouth, put herself in between the boys and I, and cry. If Becky and I were goofing around she did the same.  When I was borrowing a punching bag from a friend and working out with it in the basement she had the same reaction.  It is sad to think about what she experienced, and it melts your heart when you realize that she’s trying to protect her pack.

LuLu still sometimes things she’s the alpha female in the house.  When Becky and I snuggle she tried to wiggle in between us.  If I want to tease LuLu I lift Becky’s shirt up just a little and rub her belly.  LuLu goes crazy!  She also still thinks there is something terribly wrong with my feet and she would lick them for hours if I didn’t tell her to stop.

I will usually grumble like the old man I sometimes am when we talk about our pets, but truth be told, I love that dog to death.  She might not always be the best listener when her nose gets in the way, but she is pretty awesome.  I can count on her to always be there to snuggle with, and she’s always happy to see me.  It doesn’t matter if I’m in a good mood or a bad one, she’s there to snuggle with regardless.  She’s one of our pack, and we wouldn’t be quite the same without her.



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