So I had already started a blog for today, but I’m totally throwing it by the wayside for the way cooler moment we just had.  As I was walking out of the garage I happened to notice an incredible moonrise over our neighbor’s house.  I quickly got the family and we all had a chance to see this beauty.


It was slowly rising up and through the wisps of clouds.  Occasionally it would go through a cloud and be cut in half.   Gavin called it a “Double Moon” when it was split like that.

While everyone else had their fill of it, Gavin and I decided to enjoy it a little longer and take some pictures of it.  Here are some of the awesome moon pics each of us took.

While the moon was incredibly beautiful, the coolest part of the whole thing was my best-est buddy standing right there with me soaking it in.  It was a pretty awesome moment that will be burned into my brain for a very long time.


While there were so many things to be thankful for today, the picture above is the one that makes me smile brightest.  Knowing that we’re raising boys who appreciate the incredible beauty of the natural world and all of God’s best-est creations warms my heart.



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