Day 14 – Thankful for Finding Opportunity in Challenges

We’ve been working on solving a challenge for one of our clients for a while now.  The situation is a little tough to explain without getting into confidential information, so let’s keep it at that.


In trying to find a solution we’ve had to look at several things in very different ways and we’ve brainstormed many ways to try to resolve the issue.  While we haven’t yet found the right solution we have had many very interesting and unique conversations as a result.

As we walk through some ideas we’re finding new ways to tackle some of our old challenges.  It’s kind of funny how you can solve something by focusing so hard on something completely different and all of a sudden BAM!!!  You see what you’ve been missing from the first situation.

It’s still frustrating that we haven’t been able to get things squared away on one front, but I’m thankful for going through the thinking processes that have led to many new ideas!



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