Day 13 – Thankful for My Mobile Coaching Calls

Audiobooks are pretty awesome, but talking several of my coaches is even more awesome.


While driving to Rice Lake today I had a great conversation with Norm.  We start off every Monday with a call to walk through the priorities for the week.  This week was focused on a couple of pretty specific things.  He did a great job of mixing up excellent questions, listening, pushing me to think differently, and helped me clarify some ideas and thoughts I had been working on recently.    As I got off the phone I was pretty surprised to see 30+ minutes had flown by in the blink of an eye.


On may from the Rice Lake office to Eau Claire I had a quick question so I dialed up Beth.  Recently back from a sweet vacation the happiness and high energy exuded from her even more than usual (which I didn’t even think was possible!).  We talked for a while about the benefits of unplugging from time to time to get our mindsets right and then jumped into business.  As always, she heard me out, offered up ideas, and supported my action plan.  More pumped and with a feeling of validation and some ways to improve my ideas, I drove  in silence so I could think.


A little while after talking with Beth the coaching calls were flipped and I got a call form Carolyn.  She had a relatively quick and easy question, but as most of you know, a short conversation with me is very much a rarity!  I had so much being able to listen to her team’s  successes with a recent new client – they did so well they have an opportunity to more than double their business with that client.  They’ve been working on this one for a very long time and seeing it come through had us all smiling from the sense of accomplishment.  To be honest, I’d been trying to land that same business ever since we opened her office over six years ago.  I am so happy for them and proud of their accomplishment.


As I was nearing Arcadia I got a phone call.  Normally I wait until I get through one of the dead spots on the other side of Arcadia, but when I saw it was Mark I answered.  He had a couple of ideas and questions and once we covered them we moved on to another topic.  We shared ideas, reminisced, and came up with new possible solutions.  Next thing we knew we were on another topic…  sharing ideas, remembering old war stories, and applying some of those ideas to some of today’s challenges.  Then we got on to another topic…  and so on, and so on.  Next thing I knew I had pulled into my driveway about 45 minutes after the call started.  It was awesome!  There’s just something about talking with Mark that leaves me feeling energized with new ideas, or in actuality, past ideas with a new twist that are very applicable to today’s situation.  Throw in the fact that he’s just flat out an awesome guy and I was smiling as we hung up.

While there have been so many things to be thankful for today, these coaching calls were an awesome surprise.  Having just finished one business audiobook, I had a new one loaded up and ready to go and that was going to be where my brain went for much of my road time today.  I’m very thankful that I was able to have some excellent mobile coaching calls instead!



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