Day 1,866 – Thankful for an Awesome Reminder of Speaking Up and Spiderwebbing Positive Actions

What a rewarding morning it was! Our team helped out with Habitat for Humanity to work on a wheelchair ramp in our community. While I’m thankful for that experience on so many levels today there was something that really struck me.

From left: Mike, Katie, Mike, Grant, & Trissa

Not too long ago one of our teammates spoke up. “Why don’t we do more to help in our community?” That one question led to today, pure and simple. She spoke up to push us to live more into our values of Gratitude and Do Right. Speaking up like that takes courage and I’m glad she spoke up.

In addition to leading to our volunteering today that one question has propelled me into a few different directions including direct action and strategic direction. From that I’ve been pleased with the early results and am looking forward to seeing how her one question spider webs into more and more action in our communities. By asking one question she’s set many positive actions in motion. How awesome is that?

Trissa – thank you for helping us live more into our values! You touched many lives in such a positive way through you action. Thank you for inspiring us to be better!