Thankful for Just Doing It, Purpose, & Family Couch Time

Day 2,789


There’s a note that was written on a whiteboard in my office in Eau Claire that had me smiling. It says, “You don’t have to like MPC calls, you just need to do them.” MPC calls are a type of sales call we do to help great people find work and have a tendency to feel a bit uncomfortable as they are a sales call.

Last week I mentioned that sign to a teammate in a different office and within a week that same phrase was written on their desk.

Today, I jumped back into strength training as my Achilles was too tender for a run. I chuckled when I realized I was following the same sign with a slightly different direction.

There’s a lot in life that’s uncomfortable. We don’t have to like it. We just have to do it.


This morning I had the opportunity to present our Retention and Engagement training with Mike D for the Winona Chamber of Commerce. As we were presenting I had one of those epiphany moments as we connected the dots back to a specific comment from the audience. I really love what we do, believe in our purpose, and find incredible joy in helping employees and businesses find each other. The level of fulfillment is off the charts as a result of the work we do and the teammates I have the opportunity to do that with. What a gift!!! So thankful for the opportunity to serve this team and our communities.


Ahh… couch time with the family. No TV, minimal interruptions, and lots of conversation. My personal heaven. An hour or so of hanging out and relaxing with the four of us (maybe more like three and a quarter as Gavin was working on some homework but still chiming in occasionally) was exactly what I needed tonight.


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