Thankful for New Eyeholes, Running Talks, & Being There

Day 2,354


While putting together another presentation on my book I’ve had the opportunity to looks at it from a different perspective.

I’ve been a huge fan of the “shoebox diorama” concept for quite some time. Create a scene (honestly, when I describe it I always think of a dinosaur scene, but that’s just me) inside of a shoebox and tape the cover back on. Poke a set of viewing holes in one side and see what you can. Poke another set of eye holes in a different side and see how everything changes… even though it is still the same thing.

Going through my book and all those memories for this presentation has been like poking a new set of eyeholes in the shoebox. So many new perspectives of the same events, additional depths and complexities. What a gift!


Today I’m thankful for the early morning conversations Becky and I have while running. Life is busy and we don’t get nearly the time for the two of us that we’d like. Knowing that we’ll have time together for at least an hour or so three times a week is awesome. Quite often we don’t get into anything too crazy, usually work updates and making sure I know what we’ve got going on for the next couple of days. Once in a while we talk about the news or the weather, and often we talk about vacations past or future. Long story short – we get to have a mini-date on our run.

What a gift to know that we have that time to talk worked into our schedule and we don’t have to worry about interruptions.


No need to dive into the details as it was a confidential moment, the basics will do. Sometimes people need to be heard, to know someone cares, to know they are appreciated. Today I had the opportunity to be there to listen, to care, and to share appreciation. That moment was a true gift for my soul, I’m so fortunate for the opportunity to be present for them in that moment. Of anything I could have been doing at that time nothing could have been more important.


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