Thankful for Values, Reminders of Simplicity, & Moved to Emotions

Day 2,316


Living our values towards our purpose will always lead to joy.


Today I spent time in a village which only recently had a road built to it. Before that the only way in and out was by boat. In that village were so many reminders of how important simplicity is to our lives and wellbeing.

Case in point? The five kids playing soccer in a field. Not one shoe amongst any of them. All laughing, playing, having fun, exercising, and enjoying each other’s company.

So many reminders of how life should be lived.


There was a moment on the boat in which it was almost moved to tears and had to breathe to work through it. The wind in my hair, the sun on my face, and the jaw dropping sights all around. What caused the emotion? Was it everything the jungle was sharing with my senses? No.

What moved my emotions was the sense of awe I heard in the voices of everyone else on the boat. That moment and those like it will inspire and motivate me for years.


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