Thankful for Bonus Friend Time, Teammates Stepping Up, & Shoveling in Shorts

Day 2,307


When life hands you lemons, take advantage of the unexpected bonus time with friends. 😉 Just as we’d completed the 40 minute drive to Tomah we got a text from Gavin that he didn’t have a match this evening. Becky, Kathy, Steve, & I turned and headed back to La Crosse and proceeded to have a blast hanging out. Not what we’d planned but tons of fun!


So proud of all of my teams today. Over the past weeks they’ve fought through a ton of adversity and challenges. They’ve had to adjust, be nimble, work out of position, adapt to new situations, and learn new skill sets on the fly. Each and every teammate has risen to the challenge and shown how incredibly well they live into our values daily.

Did I mention that through it all they’ve been smiling, staying positive, and focused on taking care of each other? Amazing in so many ways. So thankful for and proud of my work family!


The stillness of shoveling early in the morning while the world slept was so chill. I shoveled wearing shorts and enjoyed the feeling of physical activity coupled with the cool air. Magic for the soul!


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