Thankful for Wrestling with Ego, Family Dream Lists, &Chill Family Time

Day 2,305


This has been a difficult one to write this evening. I’ve already gone back and forth and deleted a few times to start over. Rather than try to get it perfect here’s the gist of it. When I remember to ask questions my mindset makes all the difference. If I ask to prove myself right I’ll only listen for the answers which prove me right. If I ask a question with the purpose of learning I’ll listen much more deeply. While it seems so easy on the surface it can be much more difficult to do if I don’t pause and think about it in advance. The struggle with ego continues, so much more progress needed to close the gap.


One of the projects I’m working on is focused on helping people reach their dreams. As I’ve been putting some ideas together I had to find a test audience to reality test it. As luck would have it I’ve got a family who each have dream lists started! Some of the mundane work I put in today was going through each of their lists and adding them to an electronic version. It was truly inspiring to see what they all had on their lists! So many awesome ideas and adventures ahead of each of them. What was also fun was seeing the level of overlap between each and seeing how we can knock out a handful relatively easy in the not too distant future. What an awesome source of motivation today.


Couch time with the family is always welcomed. We fired up a family game of Exploding Kittens while on the couches so LuLu could snuggle up with me. After a couple of games Dominic and I played a game of cribbage and had a lot of fun talking about the future. Gavin came out after he finished studying for his test tomorrow and the three of us spent some time talking about some of the major issues facing our society – like which are better – Macs or PCs? What a perfectly chill way to spend time together tonight!


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