Thankful for Finding Early Friction, Creating Memories, & Family Time during Holidays

Day 2,280


I’m grateful for how Ive started living into my 2023 habits early. While I haven’t followed them perfectly I’ve found some definitely friction spots. These are the times when an unseen challenge gets in the way of living into the habit. This has helped me start to adjust my plan and find ways to better live into the me I prefer to be in ’23.


So many photos from the past couple of decades. As I get frustrated attempting to sort them out and get them organized I can’t help but realize how fortunate I am to have created so many memories and to have taken so many pictures to bring them back. Some of my favorites have been the seemingly everyday moments which leave me smiling as I see them.


Getting lost in conversation with family is always a wonderful way to enjoy the present. I’m thankful for the holidays and the opportunities they provide to spend that time together with the family.


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