Thankful for Milestones of Growth, Helping a New Venture, and Vonnegut

Day 2,241


Sometimes it takes a step back to see how far we’ve come. In preparation for a client meeting I realized my teams have put people to work at well over 1,500 different businesses since I’ve been with Express. How crazy is that? So many experiences through the past 20+ years!


Today I got to help in one of my favorite parts of my role. A new business is looking build and open a new location and we’re looking for advice on the local hiring market. We spent well over an hour sharing best practices, notes, and potential solutions. Having an opportunity to grow the business from incubation into maturity is quite rewarding on so many levels.


During my drive home I was absolutely enthralled by one of my all time favorite Vonnegut books, Slaughterhouse-Five. There was so much detail I picked up that had been missed the last time around. Thought provoking, humorous, and philosophically challenging all at the same time. Genius!


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