Thankful for Grappling with Control, Pausing to Breathe, & the Lunar Eclipse

Day 2,234


For a variety of reasons today I’ve felt the push and pull of grappling with control. What’s interesting is how much frustration I feel when I seem to have little to no control in different situations. While part of my brain pauses and knows I need to take a deep breath and relax my emotions seem to want to take over. Then I get more frustrated because I’m not controlling my emotions like I should…. Argh!!!

In those moments when I am grappling with control I need to remember to pause, take a deep breath, close my eyes, and choose gratitude. Ask myself, “what can I learn from this?”


I’m grateful for the two times I remembered to pause and breathe as I described above. Before my Chamber meeting I parked my car, took a mental moment, and then started blogging. That helped a ton!!! On my drive home I paused my audiobook, switched to music, opened my moonroof, and blasted Hello by Martin Solveig. Pretty sure the drivers behind me may have called 911 due to my convulsions as I car danced all the way home. That felt amazing!!!

So glad I’ve been practicing the pause and breathe, it came in so handy today!!!


Early this morning I put on my headphones and went for a nice cool walk. When I followed the bend in the road to the right I was quickly reminded of something Becky had told me the previous day.

Hanging in the sky was a dark orange moon. This was the last lunar eclipse for the next three years and I lucked into watching it in person. There were wispy lines of clouds which added to the effect and kept the sky ever changing, yet they were thin enough to see the entirety of Orion – who’s bow was seemingly taking aim on the moon. During the walk the color deepened and then lightened back into its normal light gray. What a spectacular event of nature to catch by accident early in the morning!


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