Thankful for History Lessons, Growing Into the Next Phase of Life, & Soccer

Day 2,217


Ryan Holiday’s books are very thought provoking AND provide some insightful history lessons. Throughout his two most recent books I’ve learned more interesting and inspiring histories than I’ve had in the past year. Can’t wait to read some of the books he referenced.


Dominic played his last high school soccer game today. It marks the end of a chapter for him and for us. What I’m thankful for is the way he handled growing into the next phase of his life. Already he’s looking ahead to what’s next, so excited and happy for him!


Nothing like watching what would turn out to be Dominic’s last high school soccer game to focus 100% attention on the moment! The entire game was a study in being hyper-vigilant. There was nothing else going on in my life than that soccer game as it happened, pretty wild!


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