Thankful for Additional Uses for Wisdom From My Old Man

Day 2,150

Days like today are the ones when I miss Dad a little more than usual. My day was shaped on more than one occasion by wisdom Dad shared long ago. To paraphrase:

“When you get too frustrated, just stop, take a break, and walk away. The problem will still be there waiting for you, but you’ll have a much more cool head when you take it on again. Attempt to muscle through it and you’re only going to get frustrated. Walk away before you make it worse.”

– Dad, aka Pete Kreiling

I miss him as he would have smiled and laughed as I shared my use of his wisdom. He’d flash me his “I told you so” smile, and then we’d laugh some more.

There’s the smile I’m talking about today 😁

Not only did Dad’s shared wisdom help, it made me smile as I thought of his normal reaction in moments like this. I miss him tremendously, and yet my heart is beyond full for all the time we shared.


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