Thankful for a Successful Empty Nest Test Run

Day 2,148

As the days and hours tick by until the beginning of Dominic’s senior year and Gavin’s freshmen year the clock seems to be moving so much more rapidly than in the past. At this pace I’m glad we have started to try out some of our empty nest dreams. We’ll definitely miss the boys, and knowing there won’t be as much craziness we’ll have to create our own.

Cue the reality testing of the campervan!

All went very well and we had a successful test run. We learned a few things to try things we’d like to try next and figured out how to do our next couple of test runs. So glad we’re starting to try this early to see what enjoy most.

At home I also had the opportunity to work on part of my potential empty nest “hobby.” While it didn’t go as smooth as I would have liked I was at least able to make some serious progress. Thinking ahead to the idea of having more time to devote to it I’m a little giddy!

Im going to keep enjoying all the time I can with the boys AND I’m going to keep reality testing the idea of being empty nesters to get myself ready for that next chapter as well.


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