Thankful for a Sauna Run

Day 2,137

This morning I awoke with hopes of a thunderstorm or at least some rain. The temperature looked a little gross outside and I was thinking it’d be a day when I’d rather run in the treadmill. My hope was misplaced and off we went to run in what felt like a sauna.

It was thick, gross, and altogether unpleasant. I was sweating constantly, felt like I was cooking, and each mile felt like three. It even close to ideal running weather.

That said, we finished the run. We sucked it up and dealt with the discomfort. I know I can run through sauna like weather the next time. Not ideal and I won’t be wishing for it anytime soon, it I know I can deal with it.

Starting the day with a little win like that helps remind me throughout the day that I can choose to work through discomfort in the pursuit of the right dream. Having that well to go back to today was truly therapeutic.


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