Thankful for Smiles and Snuggles on the Deck

Day 2,129

The majority of my time at home this evening has been spent snuggling with LuLu. She really wanted to be out on the deck so she could enjoy all the smells in the world while I rubbed her belly and snuggled up with her. As soon as I’d stop or if I wasn’t rubbing the right way LuLu would quickly redirect me to get back to work in the right places. She’s still spunky after all these years.

For a while I laid with my head next to her, an arm around her and letting her shoulder. I focused on watching LuLu smile and it was awesome. She’s really got it figured out, living in the present moment, enjoying the outdoors, and relaxing with loved ones. That’s all she really wants and was 100% engrossed in nothing but the present. I did my best to take her lead and was quickly lost in the clouds, the color of the sky, the greens of the leaves in the tree overhead. I focused on the warmth of LuLu’s body against my face, the way the light reflected in her eyes, but especially the smile on her face.

Thanks for reminding me to live in the now LuLu! The smiles and snuggles were exactly what I needed.


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