Thankful for Feeling Healthy Again

Day 2,109

As Cinderella (not that one, the 80’s big haired one) once sang… “Don’t know what you got (till it’s gone).” For those who want to further embed that earworm, here’s the link 😉

After the past week and change of feeling like garbage I’m finally feeling good again. No brain fog, almost no fatigue, I can smell and taste again, and I feel almost 100%… and it feels AMAZING!!!

Much of my life I take my health for granted. For the most part I’m a pretty healthy dude with no complaints. It is so easy for me to file that fact away and forget it sometimes. When I get knocked down like this it can be quite the reminder to take a moment to appreciate my health.

Getting our bike ride in after supper was wonderful, looking forward to getting back to all the normal activity. Each time I’ll be sure to take a moment to appreciate my body’s ability to do so.


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