Thankful for a Father’s Day Just South of the Arctic Circle

Day 2,092

My morning started off in a pretty outstanding way – the boys each made me a Father’s Day card before we left and gave them to me before we went out for a hike. Getting those handcrafted cards always makes me smile, what they write in them each year gets better and better.

Spending the entire day with the whole family was exactly what I wanted for Father’s Day. Spending the entire day with them as we were outside hiking and exploring just south of the Arctic Circle was even better!

Today we spent more time at Diamond Beach and Glacier Lagoon. Becky picked out a mind blowingly surreal hike 1,500 up from the floor of the valley to a cliff top overlooking the glaciers, glacial lagoons, rock formations, valleys, and well over half a dozen waterfalls. During the hike I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the majestic beauty surrounding us, it seemed like something straight out of dream.

Time with my family, time outdoors, time lost in an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder. What a perfect Father’s Day gift!


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