Thankful for a Mind Blowing Day in Iceland and Two Minutes of Quiet

Day 2,090

My mind is still struggling to comprehend everything it has witnessed today. We woke up to a handful more waterfalls outside our AirBNB, saw icebergs in a glacial lagoon, watched seals, hiked up a glacier, went ice climbing, saw chunks of icebergs on an ocean beach, and watched a whale at 10pm while the sun was still up. Yup, let all that sink in. My head still is having trouble processing all of it. All of this in just our first full day in Iceland – incredible!!!

While each of those were amazing moments, I think one of the moments – or more specifically a couple of moments – I’ll remember most was the two minutes of quiet we spent on the glacier overlooking a spectacular valley. Our tour guide really wanted us to appreciate the Iceland that he and his fellow Icelanders enjoy… moments of quiet and stillness while being lost in a state of awe and wonder. We all spread out, sat down, and just listened to the sound of nature. The wind blew gently and I gazed across the valley and took in all that was around me. I was 100% still and present in the moment, no thoughts in mind, only the quiet calm of Nature and all of her wonderful gifts surrounding me. With those moments of stillness I was able to completely carve their memory into my brain for eternity. When life gets busy or loud I can close my eyes for a moment, take a deep breath, and remember those moments. What a gift!


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