Thankful for Moments of Awesome Tucked Into Moments of Space

Day 2,081

All I really need at times is space. Space to breathe. Space to think. Space to be fully engaged in the present. Space to recharge. Space to take in the quiet. Space to be.

During the day there were two moments of space which I’d created. One was a very short hike in the woods during lunch. The other was stand up paddle board yoga on the lake in West Salem. Both were moments of space created to allow me a chance to breathe as I attempt to run through the finish line of my current sprint. My average nightly sleep has been down this week and I’ve got a lot to accomplish between now and our flight next week. Taking time to slow down helps me regain my balance.

While hiking I heard a noise I’d never experienced. After becoming still and focusing on the location I was surprised to find a huge woodpecker creating a burrow high in a tree! I’d see a giant redhead stick out of the hole, then tail feathers and scratching noises, then a redhead, and repeat. It was awesome to witness this process!

During our SUP yoga a very brief rain rolled in and out within a matter of minutes. Shortly afterwards we were rewarded with one of the most vividly spectacular rainbows I’ve ever seen in Wisconsin! It was a legit Hawaiian rainbow in our backyard. The rainbow had its double and then had three layers of indigo as it shined from one bank of the lake to the other. Truly stunning.

Two moments of created space with moments of awesome tucked inside. What a perfect way to be present and regain balance.


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