Thankful for Finding the “And,” a Brotherly Moment, Dominic’s Spontaneous Cleaning, & More Tour Guide Time

Day 2,058

LOL – maybe I’ll get back to the normal length blog tomorrow. Back to reality tomorrow.

There were a handful of “And” moments today, finding ways to do multiple things at once while still doing them each well. A little work, a lot of friend time, and some time with the boys. All blended together into one hell of a day!

At Gavin’s track meet there was a moment that had me smiling even bigger than after either of his wins… a moment when his brother came out to congratulate Gavin. Talk about awesome to see!

Dominic cleaned the kitchen tonight without being asked. So happy he pitched in to help like that, always appreciated!

More tour guide time today, this time on the pontoon. Always happy to have an extra reason to get on the water!


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