Thankful for Yoga Date Night Reunions, Stories Reminding Me of Grandma, and the Joy of Living Into Purpose

Day 2,023

Yessir, the title is quite the mouthful tonight! No real connecting threads or anything, just a handful of awesome moments throughout the day for which I am appreciative.

Becky and I had our Yoga Date Night as we have often on Monday nights over the past few months. Our normal instructor, Nick, is out so we had a special guest instructor. She’s long been one of our favorites going back to when I first started going to Root Down. With COVID and different schedules our paths haven’t crossed in a couple of years. It was like a reunion when we got to yoga tonight, so thankful for all of the wonderful teachers like Steph, we’re so blessed to have at Root Down. They really make it feel like a great big yoga family.

Early in the morning Becky shared the story of a grandma and grandson duo who are on a quest to take Grandma to all of the National Parks. The little TV clip she shared had me smiling, she reminded me of my Grandma Joyce in so many great ways. Throughout the day I’ve had memories of Grandma coming back. So many fond memories! Looking back I wish I would have spent more time with Grandma and gotten to know her better, there are many fun things we could have done. Sometime in the future she’ll be one of the first people I’ll hang out with when my time here is done and we’re re-united. Each time I am reminded of her I smile and realize how fortunate I was to have her in my life.

Living into my purpose seems to get easier and easier each day. What really stuck out for me today was the return on living into purpose. The rewards have been rather mind blowing and joy inducing. There were several of those moments today and I almost had to pinch myself. So simple, so clear, and so impactful. The reminders of the return on purpose today were nothing short of overwhelming.


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