Thankful for Perfect Soccer Weather, Hiking Trails, & Dominic’s Commitment to Track

Day 2,021

Soccer weekend for the Kreiling’s in Des Moines, Iowa for the next 24+ hours. Gavin’s first games have gone very well, a nice 2-0 win followed by a 1-1 battle. At least one more game tomorrow, pretty sure if they win they’re in the finals and get a bonus game. Fingers crossed!

The weather has been PERFECT soccer weather. The sun is out, very few clouds in the sky. There’s just enough breeze to make it feel fresh and the temperature is hovering around the mid-50’s. Not too hot, not too cold, just right! With all the ways the weather has been brutal in the past I’m ecstatic that there’s no rain, no snow, no frost, and the temperature is above freezing. Weather like this? I’ll take it anytime!

Before Gavin’s games we’ve been incredibly fortunate. There’s a beautiful trail system right across the street from the parking lot. We’ve had plenty of time to head out for a nice long walk before each of Gavin’s games. What an excellent way to spend a little extra time outdoors. Why sit and wait when we can be out and moving in a sweet little swamp / forest area? So thankful for the trails nearby!

Last, I’m typing this up early while I am waiting for Dominic to finish up his track practice. He was supposed to have track practice today, but with heading to Iowa that was an obvious no go. Instead he talked with his coach, got his practice plan for the day, and is now getting his run in on a track we found near our hotel. It’s awesome seeing his commitment to track and his willingness to work hard for something he’s excited for.


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