Day 2,019 – Thankful for Knowing When I Need to Pause for a Moment, the Power of Purpose, and Sharing What Has Been Shared

Back in the day I’d run until I collapsed. After a long while I learned a bit; I remember writing about putting my hand out to feel for the wall before I ran into it. Today someone asked how I was doing and I gave a very honest response which would have hurt my ego too much to accept even just a few years ago. How am I? “I’m tired.”

The past couple of months have been very busy for mainly positive reasons. Even the difficult moments have been opportunities to grow, but their weight still has worn me out. I need to recharge. I need to pause for a moment, rest, and jump back in.

Having a stronger sense of purpose really helps me see that I must be rested and ready to live into it completely. What an unexpected lesson from focusing on purpose – I must take better care of myself… not specifically for myself, but to better be able to do what must be done. Another reason purpose truly powers everything!

In living into that purpose I’m elated for the opportunities to share what has been shared with me in the past. Whether by mentors, friends, or my own mistakes – having the opportunity to help others with those lessons is very fulfilling. Taking a note from de Mello, I’m doing my best to simply ask questions rather than the lessons themselves so others may grow into their own. They don’t need my tainted thoughts, just the opportunity to consider a question they may have otherwise not asked themselves. No leading, only asking.


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